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Fun Games for Your Disc Jockey


Some Games You Already Know How To Play
The LimboLip SyncAir Guitar
Dance ContestSpot DanceSimon Says
Scavenger Hunt*Duck, Duck, GooseTwenty Questions

Please note, running a game requires focus on things besides the participants. Therefore, we need adults at the event to act as judges during the games.


Huggy Bear: The guests dance during a song.  At some point, we stop the music and call out a number.  The guests must hold hands or hug to form circles with as many people as the number called.  If we call "5" all people who did not get in a circle or do not have 5 in their circle are out.  This continues until there are just 1 to 2 people left.

Reverse Musical Chairs: Everyone spreads out in a huge circle about arm's length apart.  A basketball or other small object is passed around the circle while the music is playing.  When the music stops, whoever has the ball is out.  Then we start the music again.  This time when we stop it, we make announcements like these:
The person to the left (or right, or both) of the basketball is out
The person holding the ball picks someone to be out (or picks between the two neighbors)
The last two people to touch the tennis ball are out
Play continues until there are just one or two winners.

Elimination Dance: We start by having the guests dance to a song.  Periodically, we stop the music and call out a description.  If the guest fits the description, they must leave the dance floor.  The song continues until you have 1 or 2 winners.  Examples:
Anyone wearing red       Anyone wearing a watch       Anyone with a hat one

Twisted Musical Chairs: This starts out like traditional musical chairs.  You have one less chair than people playing.  The music plays and contestants walk around the chairs.  When the music stops, the DJ also calls out something that the contestants must find and bring back before they can sit down. For example, the DJ might call out, "a set of keys.".  Everyone must find a set of keys and bring it back to a chair.  A player is eliminated and then a chair is removed.  This time when the music stops and the DJ calls out an item to find, the players must return the first item before locating the new item.  Play continues until there is just one or two winners.

Tip Your Hat*: Needed: a large hat for each team or 5 to 8 players.  The players are in 2 circles: an inner one and an outer one. One player in each circle has a hat on his or her head. The object is to pass the hat round the circle. But the players cannot use their hands while passing the hat from head to head. The team which passes the hat round the circle the first wins the game.

Frankenstein*: Needed: thick string and any object roughly the size of a shoe box.  Two pairs participate in this game. Each pair stands hand in hand with their adjoining hands tied together. With their free hands (one with the right hand and other with the left one) they must wrap up a package, bind the rope round it and tie it in a bow. The pair who finishes the task the first is the winner.

Coke and Pepsi: Everyone pairs up and lines up across the dance floor from one another. One side is Coke and the other side is Pepsi; have the Bar/Bat Mitzvah person choose the side which he/she wants to be and the kids are allowed to switch sides at that time. When the DJ says "Coke" the Coke side runs over to the pepsi side and sits on their partner knee. If the DJ says "Pepsi", the other person does the action. When "Seven Up" is called out everyone runs to the center and "High-Five" their partner. If the DJ says any other cola and either partner begins to run, their team is eliminated. The last person to make it to the otherside and sits down is eliminated. The winners are the last pair left.

Funny Phrases*: Needed: Twice as many index cards as players.  On those cards write various words.  Have lots of conjunctions and common words: the, but, of, a, and or.  Also, have lots of verbs.  You may want to write out actual sentences and then shuffle the cards.  Each player gets one card.  They must then go out in the group and form sentences with others.  When a group reports with a complete sentence, they get a small piece of candy or other simple prize, new cards, and they go out and make different sentences.  Shuffle the returned cards in the pile and hand out later.  The winner is the person with the most candy (i.e. the person in the most sentences).

Telephone Line: Guests line up one behind the other.  Starting at one end, whisper a detailed sentence or two into the first person's ear. You can only say it once, no repeating.  Then, that person whispers it to the second person in line, and so on until the last person in line hears the sentence.  That person announces the sentence they heard to the group.  The miscommunications are usually very funny.

Centipede: Needed: a large room and a chair for each team. Each team forms a line with their hands on the waists of the player in front of them. Near the opposite wall there stands a chair or a flag. The teams run around the chair or the flag and return back. While running no player can take his/her hands off the waist of the person in front of them. If the chain is broken the team loses the game. The team also loses the game if it overturns or does not go around the chair or the flag.

Puzzle Pieces*: Preparation: using large letters write a word or simple picture on a 3"X5" notecards.  Cut the cards into 4 pieces using unique cuts.  Then randomly pass out the pieces to the each puzzle.  The winners are the 4 people who find their complete puzzle.

Lily Pad Leap*: Needed: lots of old newspaper.  Each contestant gets two pieces of newspaper.  The object is to cross the room by only stepping on the two pieces.  If they fall off or step directly on the floor, they must start over.

Yes and No*: Needed: 2 or 3 tokens, buttons, or small objects for each contestant.  Each person is given the same number of tokens.  They must go out in the crowd and talk to the other guests.  If one guest tricks another into saying, "Yes" or "No" or shaking their head "Yes" or "No", they get one token.  The player at the end of the time wins.  As an alternative, you can give each person identities (like Abraham Lincoln, Shania Twain, etc.) They must answer all questions about their character.  If the person's identity is guessed, they are out of the game.

One Handed Race*: For each player there are a few small and big objects. The object is to carry all of them in one hand across the finish line approximately 15 feet away. The players must not use their other hand or drop the objects. The player who covers the distance the first becomes the winner.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT PRIZES: We do not offer prizes at this time.  If you provide them, we will give them out to winners of games.  We cannot stress enough not to get prizes like rubber balls, silly string, or anything that if used at the party would be dangerous or messy.


Name That TV Show: We have theme songs from TV shows going back to the 1960's.  We select 4 contestants at a time.  We play the song and the first one to guess the show it is from wins.  As an alternative, the winner could go on to a final round with 3 or 4 other winners from the first round.

Specific Trivia: We have thousands of trivia questions in all types of categories - the 1940's through the 1990's, music, general, fads, etc.  We can help prod your memory with memory jogging clues. We do not bring trivia questions unless requested.


Baby Guessing Contest*: Get pictures of your classmates when they were very young.  Secure them on a large mat and number them.  Provide an entry blank that is numbered also.  You may want to include an alphabetical list of the people pictured to help out the contestants.  Be sure to include several names that are pictured.

Superlative Alumnus*: Find out who has come the furthest, who has the most children, who was the first to respond to the reunion invitation, who has the youngest child, etc.

"I've Become My Parents": (best done at 5, 10, or 15 years) I introduce this by saying that in the month before my tenth year reunion, I did something I had thought of in high school as something only my parents would do - I had a yard sale... twice.  We all think that when we are in high school that we are the coolest thing to come along.  So now, tell us what you have done recently that truly makes you as square those adults you ridiculed.  The best one wins a prize.  Some entries I have heard are: bought a house, told a child, "Because I'm your mother, that's why", took up knitting, sold his Metallica CD's, etc.

One suggestion about prizes: Currently, we do not offer prizes as part of any of our packages.  If you provide prizes, we would be happy to award them to the winners of different games or contests.  Depending on the ages of your guests, good prizes can be: king-sized candy bars, small toys, gift certificates to movies or arcades, up to anything.  We strongly discourage giving rubber balls, or "silly string" or anything that you would not want the guests to play with during the party.  If it is in their hands, they will use it.

* We do not hide items or create lists of items to be found for a scavenger hunt. We do not provide the props or preparation needed for some of these games. They are games we will lead if the host provides the needed preparation.

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