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Are you looking for an inexpensive way to produce a quality web page?

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Welcome to Dancing Trees Web Design

Features I offer include:
1. Complete design, creation, and layout of your web page.
2. Customized pictures, animations, fonts, and other graphics.
3. Optimize pictures and graphics for quick access by viewers.
4. Optimize content for best search engine results.
5. Test output on several computers and browsers including explorer, netscape, aol, and safari.
6. Web hosting access and prompt upload abilities (ftp capabilities).
7. Timely updates, low cost maintenance of web site.

I can make very impressive, yet simple web pages. My web design abilities are not on the cutting edge of the field, but neither are my prices. I have several projects developing, but right now, you can see a lot of my ability on these web pages I created: (I also created all the banners for the web sites that I made below)

Large, Multi-page Sites:
This web site has an contact page and forms that can save information online.
Lancaster Wedding Disc Jockeys
OCCASIONS Disc Jockeys

Wedding Vendor Directory
Wedding vendors dj, photographer, hall, etc.

Other Sites:
Wedding Company search engine based on distance:
My Last Minute Wedding Deals

12 Memories
Share Pictures and Stories with Family & Friends

family friendly feud game

This web site includes a shopping cart for orders.
greeting cards made from recycled paper.

A Custom Game for children (with graphics by my son):
Kindergarten Math Games using Coins

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